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WMF - Cookware


Consumer insights

Over the last few decades, consumers have become more health-conscious about nutrition, which not only impacts the choice of meals but also how they are prepared. When it comes to vegetables, steaming is currently the cooking method that is gaining the most momentum. It softens the food while maintaining most of the nutrients. Shoppers are willing to spend more budget on healthy, natural groceries and making their meals from scratch rather than reaching for jars and packets.


Retailer opportunity

Buying high-quality, fresh ingredients requires the right equipment too. When selecting kitchen tools, consumers look for products with a high value: those that are functional and of high quality. WMF’s cookware range has been rewarded with the most prestigious awards, and not just because they look great in your kitchen. Therefore take the opportunity to reach out to your golden customers. 

Designed to make life taste great! 

A versatile range of exclusive, designer cookware. For generations, WMF products have been highly valued - by home cooks for their functionality and design, and by professional chefs for their reliability and efficiency. 

The unique and patented stainless steel makes the pans durable and resistant to scratches and knocks. The multi-layered pans absorb the heat quickly and disperse it evenly, making cooking more economical and efficient. 


About WMF

WMF has been a leading cookware brand for more than 160 years. The company has German heritage and an international presence, sets standards with its innovations and is an important source of inspiration for the entire market. WMF offers gourmets high-quality, functional and beautifully crafted products that satisfy the most stringent design standards.

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