Tradition and heritage since 1853

WMF has been a leading cookware brand for more than 160 years, meaning that each and every day, millions of people around the world use WMF products to prepare food, cook and dine. With a strong German heritage, but internationally present, WMF is a multifaceted brand to create enjoyable culinary moments.  

WMF beautifies the moments of food preparation, cooking, dining, and drinking with its high-quality products. 

Tradition and heritage since 1853

Delivering the ultimate culinary experience

With consumers becoming more health-conscious, they are looking for not only the right ingredients but also the right tools to prepare their meals. When selecting kitchen tools, consumers look for products with a high value: those that are functional and of high quality. For generations, WMF products have been highly valued - by home cooks for their functionality and design, and by professional chefs for their reliability and efficiency.