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The latest in retail and loyalty, September 2019

Tesco’s new student card lets parents pay for their child’s uni meals

The multi-tasking card will allow parents to contribute towards their son or daughter’s food costs away from home. The Student Shopper account comes with two cards; one that’s held by the parent or guardian and another that’s kept with the student living away from home. Both can then be topped up as and when at any checkout or over the phone.

Kroger links up Gen-Z favorite TikTok on back-to-school campaign

Kroger has begun marketing on one of the most popular social media platforms with the Gen-Z demographic. Translating social media engagement into sales remains a hurdle for advertisers targeting Gen-Z, with e-commerce accounting for only 7.4% of their spending. Gen-Z tends to use social media to research purchases and discover new brands, so Kroger’s ability to use TikTok’s in-app purchase feature could help break through by making it easy to turn engagement into buying.

Walmart partners with Buzz Feed for ‘tasty’ mobile shopping

Walmart shoppers can now directly purchase the ingredients featured in Tasty videos. Shoopers of the discount giant can add the ingredient lists of menus featured in 4,000 videos from BuzzFeed’s Tasty food content iOS app to their Walmart online grocery cart in one click. From there, they can place their order for pickup from more than 2,500 stores nationwide or have the groceries delivered to their homes.

AliExpress opens first physical store in Madrid

AliExpress, an Alibaba subsidiary, has opened its first physical store in Spain. The 740 sqm store in Madrid offers products of sixty brands, including Chinese products (like Huawei smartphones), multinational brands (like Apple) and local Spanish labels. It mirrors the success of earlier (pop-up) stores in Spain and aims at convincing customers and Spanish companies to enter its online platform. AliExpress wants to more than triple its number of Spanish partners to 10,000 by the end of the year. Alibaba considers Spain to be its gateway to Europe.

Shoprite plans smaller stores, closer to shoppers - and more shops in containers

In an effort to gear up growth, Shoprite wants to move to smaller stores, closer to where its customers are. In a results presentation this week, it detailed some strategies to bolster its position: smaller shops, closer to customers. These smaller Shoprite supermarkets as well as the Usave eKasi stores, which are built in containers, have already “established viability and continue to scale”.

Target teaming up with Disney for new in-store experience

Target Corp. is looking to bring the magic of Disney to its stores and e-commerce site via a pilot with the entertainment giant. The discounter plans to open dedicated Disney Stores at 25 Target locations on October 4, with 40 more opening by October 2020. The in-store shops will feature more than 450 items, including toys, games, apparel and accessories -with more than 100 products that were previously only available at Disney retail locations.

Metro Germany tests FreshIndex app to tackle food waste

In a bid to combat food waste, Metro is testing ‘FreshIndex’, an app that determines the dynamic expiration date of products. The app is currently being tested in five German cities and will see a wider roll-out based on the success of the pilot. In addition to the dynamic expiry date, customers also receive information about the product, the producer, sustainability and food safety.

Coles unveils new ‘convenience’ store

Coles has unveiled its first convenience-focused supermarket. The new ‘store of the future’ format caters to increasing consumer demand for easy meal options including prepared ingredients and ready meals. Coles customer research found 50 per cent of shoppers didn’t have time to cook from scratch, and 33 per cent could not say at 5pm what they would be having for dinner that night. The store offers an expanded range of ready-made convenience options and prepared meals.

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