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Super powers in the supermarket

Superheroes are coming alive in Carrefour's stores

Super powers in the supermarket

Superheroes are leaping off the pages of Marvel comic strips, flexing their muscles on the big screen and coming alive in Carrefour supermarkets across France and Italy. Discover what they’ve been up to recently and how you too can call on them to delight your customers and drive up your sales.


A super-cool return to school in france

September is traditionally an important month for French retailers, as millions of schoolchildren return to their classrooms after the summer holiday. To mark ‘La Rentrée’, retailers fill their stores with school stationery, new clothes, lunchboxes and other relevant items, and parents have a huge choice of shopping options for these necessities. 

With this in mind, the 1st of September was a great time to  start the Carrefour Market Marvel Promotion. For 10 days beforehand, the countdown clock ticked down the seconds on the website, adding to the excitement created by a multi-media promotional campaign. Running only for a month, the promotion began with strong activation and caught shoppers’ attention with themed Marvel POS items from the moment they pushed past the ‘supergates’ to enter the store. With gravity-defying cutouts of superheroes POS to enthuse them, customers bought a huge array of Marvel merchandising products (such as Incredible Hulk or Captain America masks) along with school articles – and of course groceries. For every €20 spent, they received a free packaged gift. On tearing off the wrapping, they discovered which of 16 Marvel superheroes they had received – and could buy a special album to keep them all in.

Linked to this kids’ promotion was an integrated marketing plan including everything from bonus points on certain items to events featuring real, live superheroes. Spider-Man naturally used his superpowers to lower himself down from the ceiling rather than coming into the store the normal way. Others posed for photos with thrilled children of all ages. Online, the ‘Super Rentrée’ was heavily promoted on news and other sites.

"The promotion began with strong activation and caught shoppers’ attention" Storemanager at Carrefour

Super-digital MegaPopz in Italy

In September and October 2016, Carrefour ran a competition to support the Marvel loyalty programme it was running in all of its over 1,000 Italian stores. The kids’ promotion itself was similar to the one running in France: on spending €20, customers immediately received a flow pack containing one of the 24 Avengers MegaPopz figures. Esso stations joined in by enabling customers buying 30 litres of petrol to redeem an additional MegaPopz at Carrefour stores. To complete the collection, Helicarriers were sold to keep the MegaPopz in. 

A huge publicity buzz was created via social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), newsletters and website ads. Whenvisiting, participants could enter a

competition to find MegaPopz by running their mouse over hotspots within a virtual Carrefour store. Contestants got one chance each day to guess which department of the store a MegaPopz would be in – if they got it right, they could win a prize. By linking the MegaPopz directly to a (virtual) store environment, Carrefour created an unmissable connection between its stores and the desired reward. 


Conquering the universe

“Superheroes can suddenly appear all over the globe to achieve superhuman feats such as increasing basket size and raising ROI,” comments Rene Kouwenhoven, Consultant at BrandLoyalty Special Promotions. “We hold the Marvel licence, enabling us to leverage the huge appeal of Marvel and Disney characters in our loyalty programmes. Our team can explain about how best to do this, and we really enjoy discussing all the creative options. With so many new Marvel films coming out over the next few years, there really are fantastic solutions for food retailers to boost their sales.”

Prizes included sets of Captain America and Iron Man audio equipment, and the luckiest winners received 4 tickets plus a hotel stay for the spectacular travelling show Marvel Universe Live!

This competition proved very popular, and served to add lots of hype to the promotion. Offline, Carrefour kept up the momentum by organising photo shoots, tattoos and exchange events. Altogether, all these initiatives super propelled the promotion to great success while adding fun and excitement to every store visit.

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