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Stikeez - Fruit and veggies


Consumer insights 

Generation after generation, we see parents struggling to get their kids eating a healthy diet. Children often refuse vegetables as they are not willing to try unfamiliar tastes and structures. To make sure the future generation is raised on good foods, we decided to create a concept that would make childeren more familiar with the different types of fruit and vegtables. Children have a high curiosity level and we discovered that they are more likely to try new things if they see role models enjoying it, or if they took a part in growing or cooking the meal themselves.


Retailer opportunity

Stikeez have been very successful for many years and are often ranked as the favourite concept in kids’ focus groups. We've run Stikeez programmes in 33 countries globally, delivering over 8% average sales growth. Besides the fact that the concept delivers on retailer goals to boost fresh categories, it also creates a lot of buzz on social media and fun due to the digital Stikeez game.

Meet the feel-good friends!

By educating children in a fun and entertaining way that fruit and vegetables are cool, we stimulate children to be healthier and therefore happier.

Meet the Stikeez family of funny fruit & vegetables figurines that you can collect and stick anywhere! The bananas, cucumbers and other members of the Stikeez family have travelled the world to be children’s best friends.


About Stikeez

Around the universe you will see our family in different shapes and species. We are tiny, squeezy, sticky and collectable figurines loved by kids all around the world. We have a suction cup that enables you to stick us to many flat surfaces, such as lunchboxes, mugs and windows. Adopted by many families already, we're on a mission to stick to as many hearts and minds as possible. 

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