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It's important to keep our focus on how to live happily in harmony with each other and to embrace differences among people. For children, bullying is a growing problem, and many young people nowadays are experiencing depression, which is often caused by loneliness. All of this underlines the need to connect better with each other, to communicate and share emotions. The Smurfs embody this essential sense of community and caring for individuals. These little archetypes of everyday people, especially when combined with a little humour, can make it much easier to talk about differences, while at the same time stimulating empathy and role play.


Retailer opportunity

Create stopping power on the shop floor with a little nostalgia! The Smurfs have already existed for over 60 years and know a lot about how to create buzz in local communities. These little human-like adventurous creatures still enchant today’s kids while warming their parents’ hearts, because which parent doesn't love to see their kids enjoying the same things as they did at a similar age? Shared interests and memories create stronger relationships between people, and that's one of the reasons that makes the Smurfs a guaranteed success at any time of the year.

Collect al 24 Smurfs Micropopz! 

With entertaining stories, unique characters and their own Smurf village, they educate families about the importance of friendship, care and teamwork. Playability is one of the most important elements for a successful kids’ programme. Kids can collect, stick and play with the Smurfs Micropopz wherever they go!

Thanks to their strong heritage and unique characters, these little Smurfs are able to entertain the whole family. 

Collect al 24 <strong>Smurfs Micropopz!</strong>&nbsp;

About Smurfs

The Smurfs is a Belgian comic franchise that's already been successful for over 60 years. It offers simple tales of bold adventure involving simple archetypes of everyday people like Lazy Smurf, Grouchy Smurf and Brainy Smurf. The characters have proven to be a huge success in many countries and are still adored by multiple generations. 

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