Russian shoppers cook up a storm

O'Key launches Silit cookware programme

Russian shoppers&nbsp;<strong>cook up</strong> a storm

Shoppers can now collect stamps for Silit cookware with up to 79% discount at O'KEY in Russia!

With a range of 12 high-quality pots and pans available, including a griddle pan, wok and milk pan. Shoppers receive one stamp for every 300 RUB spent (approximately 3.90 EUR). Once they have collected 10 or 15 stamps (depending on the product they are saving for), shoppers are able to redeem one of the rewards with a 79% discount. 

The O'KEY prgramme runs from 31st January until 27th March 2019. 

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About O'KEY

O'KEY is a leading Russian retail chain, specialising in food retail. The company opened its first hypermarket in St Petersburg in 2002, and today has more than 70 stores in the major cities in Russia - in the North-West, South, Central, Urals and Siberian regions. 

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