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The fun of outdoor dining with the convenience of your home

RoyalVKB - Outdoor dining


Consumer insights

Eating outside is trending! There is just something special about outdoor dining, it could be the fresh air and whistling birds, sitting around a BBQ or fireplace, or maybe it’s the view. As daily lives get more rushed, being outside is increasingly valued by consumers. It’s good to help them disconnect and relax during their free time.


Retailer opportunity

During the summer months, retailers often experience a drop in sales, because many of their customers are on holiday. But those who stay at home love to spend time outdoors with their friends and family. The RoyalVKB outdoor dining range equips your customers to enjoy dining outdoors. For retailers it offers the opportunity to attract new customers or have existing shoppers spend more during the summer dip.

Experience the fun of outdoor dining

This durable outdoor dining collection makes eating outside not only fun, but also convenient. With five different pieces in the range: a 10cm bowl, 15cm bowl, 23cm serving bowl, 30cm serving bowl and a 24cm plate, this practical set enables you to make the most of the summer days without the risk of breaking your best plates. 

The range is designed to be lightweight and easy to clean, making any picnic or barbecue easy to set up and pack away.


About RoyalVKB

RoyalVKB was founded by the Royal van Kempen en Begeer Group in 2005. RoyalVKB is a typical Dutch design brand that has a particular affinity with Dutch designers and their philosophies. Functionality, smart-thinking and fun go into the design process, bringing joy and convenience to consumers’ daily lives. For RoyalVKB, design is all about how to use the product. The company believes that every design should be brought back to its functional essence and offer great aesthetics, making people’s lives better and more enjoyable every day.

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