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Roaring times at Lidl Slovenia

Collect all the 108 (!) Super Animals cards

For 8 weeks, Lidl stores in Slovenia are transformed into a wildlife reserve! Kids (and their just-as-excited parents and grandparents) can now collect all the 108 different animals cards and become animal know-it-alls. Are you ready to start the journey and discover the most amazing animals we share this planet with?

The Super Animals cards are categorized by the animals' strengths and include mind-blowing fun facts and questions of which you can't wait to read the answers! Do you know how a gorilla shows its power? By patting on its chest! Backed up with an album full of insights, the loyalty programme excites the whole family.

To bring even more excitement to the shopping floor and into families' homes, the program is complemented by an app. The app brings some of the creatures to life in augmented reality. Next to this, users can listen to the sound of all 108 animals, save all the animal cards digitally and play one of the mini-games! 

If kids wish to explore more, ranger girl Metka introduces kids to wildlife and teaches them everything about the job she absolutely loves. 

About Lidl Slovenia

Lidl is a German international discount supermarket chain and operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States. The company was founded in the 1930s in Schwaben (Germany) and opened its first store in Slovenia in 2007. Lidl offers its customers good quality at a low price. 

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