Combining tradition with innovation power

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With roots dating back to the 18th century, Ritzenhoff combines tradition with innovative strength and takes great pleasure in developing sophisticated glass solutions that inspire customers and consumers alike. Thanks to experienced designers and innovative production techniques, Ritzenhoff creates extraordinary, unforgettable products that create unique moments.

Combining tradition with innovation power

Innovative collections made in Germany

The family-run company Ritzenhoff has remained true to its tradition, evolving over the years from a glass-making workshop to one of Germany’s most well-known high-tech glass factories. Ritzenhoff is unique and promises to inspire people worldwide with extraordinary and sophisticated creations made of crystalline glass. In the glass center in Sauerland, Ritzenhoff creates impressive collections suitable for a perfect table setting and as exclusive gifts.

Wine Extraordinary

Wine Extraordinary

A delicious fragrance that rises to the nose. A fruity note that tickles the palate. A crystal glass that sits delicately in the hand and appears dazzling to the eye - only when all senses are united, a successful evening becomes an extraordinary evening. 

'Wine Extraordinary' is the perfect workmanship of fine crystalline: with polished baseplates, offhand-blown stems and finely crafted mouth rims for a pleasant drinking sensation.

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Family-owned since 1927, koziol believes that creative and innovative ideas make the world a better place to live.

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