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Profiting From Loyalty, Part 2: Customer-centric approach to measuring loyalty

Evaluate to improve your loyalty efforts

<strong>Profiting From Loyalty, Part 2: </strong>Customer-centric approach to measuring loyalty
<strong>Profiting From Loyalty, Part 2: </strong>Customer-centric approach to measuring loyalty

Loyalty investment represents between 2 and 3 percent of sales, which is why understanding how your strategy is performing and finding ways to continuously improve is critical. 

In part two of our Profiting From Loyalty series, we explore two specific evaluation techniques — marketing attribution and customer lifetime value — that can improve your loyalty efforts.

You’ll learn:

  • The two standards for measuring loyalty ROI — programme health and programme effectiveness
  • How to measure the holistic effect of all marketing efforts on driving customer loyalty
  • How to leverage specific engagement metrics to discern trends in customer behaviour and understand who will be your best customers into the future

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