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Pixar welcomes magic and fantasy in new movie

Pixar's Onward hits cinemas today

On Ian’s 16th birthday, his mom gives him and his brother Barley a present from their dad. ‘’You dad said to give you this when you were both over 16. It’s a wizard spell.’’

It turned out their deceased dad who passed away when they were young wasn’t only an accountant but also a wizard! Both brothers unwrapped the gift and discovered they could bring their dad back for one day. Both brothers are extremely scared and neither of them are good at magic… They messed up and only brought him back from the waist down! The movie continues with the two brothers going on a quest trying to resurrect the rest of dad. 

Onward is Pixar’s first original since 2017’s Coco and the studio’s first movie that incorporates fantasy and magic so extensively. Pixar’s director Dan Scanlon based the movie on his personal experience - he never knew his deceased dad. ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had one day with him?’ he discussed with other filmmakers, and so the Onward story started. 

The movie is set in a suburban fantasy world and feels out of control. Both characters have to survive in this world of chaotic magic. “I love that it is this very small, intimate story told in this gigantic, over the top, huge world,” Scanlon said.

Curious? Go and watch the movie, it's in cinemas now!

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