Home-made food that brings friends and family together!

Othello - Cookware & knives


Consumer insights 

86% of European consumers have indicated that family time is important to them. What better way to spend time with family than to cook and eat a meal together? Shoppers value the quality of home-cooked food. Especially the authenticity of dishes made with love and joy. They feel passionate about simple, delicious food they can share with friends and family. Due to shoppers' busy lives, they need the right equipment to prepare easy, healthy, and tasty meals. 

Retailer opportunity

Othello captures a no-nonsense attitude and attracts shoppers who seek contemporary products of affordable quality. Today's shoppers value the quality of homemade food more than ever before. They are looking for authenticity in dishes that are made with love and joy. With Othello's range of innovative cookware and knives, retailers can capture their shoppers' attention on the shop floor and encourage them to create the ultimate dining experiences at home. 

The City of Blades

Othello's beginnings date back to 1888, when Anton Wingen, the founder of Othello, opened a small workshop in Solingen, Germany's 'City of Blades'. The city is renowned for manufacturing fine swords, knives, scissors, and razors made by famous firms. Now we're uniting years of craftmanship with loyalty, making Othello's qualitative yet affordable knives accessible to shoppers globally. The knives are based on shoppers' preferences and include a stainless steel blade with a soft touch handle. 

A culinary show-off

Othello's cookware range offers shoppers an easy yet enjoyable cooking experience. The cookware range, consisting of a saucepan, casseroles and various frypans encourages shoppers to come together with friends and family and share simple and delicious food. The products are suitable for every hob, are dishwasher safe and have a Teflon classic non-stick coating. The cookware range has several design elements that are practical and high-quality - all the ingredients for a culinary show-off!

About Othello

Othello's beginnings date back to 1888, when Anton Wingen, the founder of Othello, opened a small workshop in Solingen, Germany's "City of Blades". Since then the company has become a well-known producer of high-quality knives and cookware. With a contemporary design, professional performance, and premium quality, the knives and cookware are crafted in Germany for modern kitchens.

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