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The latest in retail and loyalty, August 2019

Pick n Pay replaces stickers with 'tattoos'

At South African retailer Pick n Pay, stickers have been removed from some of the existing loose range - sweet potatoes, gem squash and butternut - and have been replaced with nifty laser etching. Even small labels have a plastic backing so with this innovation Pick n Pay can ‘tattoo’ their hardy produce with a logo and sell-by date to make the product 100% plastic and packaging free. Their goal is to extend this innovation to even more of their fresh produce.

Lidl builds its own mobile payment system

Lidl has launched its new payment system called Lidl Pay. The service will become active in all European countries where the discounter is active. which means Lidl gets started with technology giants such as Apple and Google. The rollout of paying with a mobile phone via Lidl Pay will be introduced step-by-step. Lidl has been rolling out its interactive Lidl Plus app (launched in June this year in Germany) step-by-step to strengthen customer loyalty. This app communicates via QR codes with the POS counter’s cash registers. Lidl Pay is added to this app as a digital wallet.

Uber launches shopping app to boost in-car commerce

Uber has announced the launch of a new shopping app with Cargo, a start-up that aims to be an on-the-go convenience store. Uber riders in cars with Cargo consoles will now be able to download the app to make purchases on items that include travel accessories, movies and trendy tech gear. More brands will be added over time, and more drivers are adding the boxes to their cars. By buying something, customers will also receive an extra 10% back in Uber Cash, which can be redeemed on future rides or on future Cargo purchases. The Cargo app will work only during an Uber trip.

Klarna brings after payment to Dutch physical stores

Klarna, best known as a provider of post-pay for web stores, has made the same payment solution available for Dutch retailers with a physical store. While this construction has been the norm in e-commerce for some time, electronics chain HiFi Klubben is now the first Dutch retailer to use Klarna’s in store payment solution. With the application of Pay Later in the physical stores, customers can now, just like in the web store, pay for the purchase up to fourteen days after purchase. During this time, they can try out the products at home before they make the decision to buy them. When a consumer chooses to pay afterwards in a physical store, he receives a QR code, SMS or e-mail. He then completes the purchase on his telephone.

7-Eleven opens ‘FooDream’ store

Convenience store 7-Eleven has opened a premium convenience store model called “FooDream” which is specialised in a variety of living treats and shopping spaces centered on food. As single- or two- person households are becoming a core household segment in South Korea, convenience stores with good accessibility and convenience are drawing attention as the next-generation shopping channel. Food Dream focuses on five major product groups, including instant food, differentiated beverage, fresh produce, wine specials, and daily necessities.

During the upcoming Retail Loyalty Congress, Mr. Kim of 7-Eleven will host a masterclass and talk about the evolution of convenience store to the center of digital transformation.

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FairPrice opens a new store concept: Xtra

FairPrice is the leading retailer in Singapore with over 200 stores and has opend a new store format: Xtra. Please have a look at some pictures

Jumbo opens social coffee corner for (lonely) elderly people and a “chat check-out

A 94-year-old Jumbo shopper, together with the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport have opened the ‘all-for-one’ coffee corner in a Jumbo supermarket. The coffee corner in the local Jumbo supermarket should become a meeting place for the elderly and volunteers to do groceries or do a job in the garden. Simultaneously with the opening of this social project and the all-for-one coffee corner, Jumbo also introduced a new type of cash register: a “chat check-out”. Shoppers are invited to have a chat at this counter. It is especially for shoppers who are not in such a hurry and who may need a chat.

New private label for business customers: Amazon Commercial

Amazon created a new private-label line of commercial products, Amazon Commercial, that will compete with Kimberly-Clark and other brands, starting with bulk orders of toilet paper and paper towels. Amazon already has a consumer-products brand called Amazon Basics that makes a variety of household goods; along with a private label called Solimo. Now, with Amazon Commercial, Amazon has a private label in the B2B sector.

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