Lidl welcomes Stikeez in stores across Europe

Exciting kids while boosting fresh and non-food categories

In the latter part of this year, Stikeez are entering Lidl stores across Europe. They all come with different personalities, jokes, and stories to excite shoppers! For a specific amount spent, shopper will receive a free Stikeez to build the whole collection! Lidl stores in Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Serbia will welcome the beloved sticky friends in the coming weeks. However, not all Stikeez are the same…

In Romania, Italy and Bulgaria, shoppers can join the house party with Stikeez Happy Home range. In these times of sheltering in place, Stikeez animate shoppers at home and help kids to develop imagination. After shoppers have built their collection, they store & display all characters in the cosy house-shaped album. Are you ready to discover their dance moves? Then watch the TV commercial below!

It's the 7th year Stikeez are coming to Romania, now during the back-to-school period. Shoppers can find the figurines in more than 270 Lidl stores across the country. From the dog that lives in the doghouse to the cactus from the living room, all the way to the funny blender in the kitchen - all Stikeez encourage kids to be creative.


In Serbia, shoppers are entertained by an international crew of friends, the Fruit & Veggies Stikeez! They have travelled from all over the world... from New Zealand to South-America, from China to Europe to teach children about their good attributes. Not only are they fun, but they are also full of vitamins, energy, and power to keep children (and adults) strong every day. 


About Lidl

Lidl operates over 10,000 across more than 30 countries worldwide, offering food and non-food items with a focus on high-quality at low prices. The first Lidl stores were opened in Germany in 1973, and the brand is currently part of the Schwarz Group. It is one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe and identifies as a grocery discounter.

Stick to Stikeez

Over the years our Stikeez family has seen an tremendous growth globally. Parents all over the world struggle with the same problem: encouraging their kids to eat the rainbow of fruits and veggies. During a Stikeez programme, the figurines teach kids to eat healthier in a fun way resulting in a boost of retailers' fresh categories. 

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