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Let it snow at Coop Switzerland! 

Immerse yourself in an enchanted winter wonderland at Coop 

Coop Switzerland is feeling the Christmas spirit! This year, we have joined forces to bring a magical loyalty promotion to Swiss shoppers. Lasting 7 weeks and spanning roughly 1000 stores, this program will combine our own Snow monster Nevi with Coop CH’s general Christmas campaign and sure will result in a true winter wonderland at the stores!

Coop Switzerland has promised its shoppers that the Snow monster Nevi will bring back the snow to the country! And running such an iconic kids' promotion could do no less in Christmas time! 

This 360 degrees Christmas campaign began on November 6th and will continue until the magical holiday itself. In the time given, Coop Switzerland shoppers have the opportunity to collect 6 different items; the collectibles span from candle holders and mugs, to warm and cozy blankets. The loyalty range is designed for both young and mature Coop customers and consists of 3 kids-focused items and 3 adult-focused items. All products have been developed from scratch together with the Coop kids promotion team to fit the theme "Let it snow!". 



The campaign at Coop Switzerland revolves not only around the magic of winter, but also friendship and joyful time with family. In excellent and fruitful cooperation with Coop, countless program activations related to Nevi - the Snow monster - were incorporated. 

On the website of Coop, Switzerland shoppers can find Christmas recipes as well as an app competition where kids can play games and win prizes. In addition to this, Coop made use of advertisements on billboards, video sequences shown in public places, TV commercials, magazine advertisements, and of course beautiful in-store decorations. Not mentioning social media posts and competitions on several channels, of which the biggest one promises not only an XXL Nevi plush toy but also a trip to Jungfraujoch! 

All of this combined creates a truly enchanting winter experience; bringing smiles to shoppers' faces and hopefully a cozy and magical end of the year. 

About Coop Switzerland

 The Coop Group has a rich history spanning over 150 years. What began as a small consumer cooperative is now one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies. With 2333 sales outlets throughout Switzerland, Coop always stays close to its shoppers. Supermarkets, specialist formats, and online shops cater to every customer requirement. 

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