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koziol - storage and on-the-go


Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever before. And they expect retailers to act responsibly too. 8 in 10 consumers are looking for ways to minimise food waste, and to do so, 77% of consumers own food storage products. 

Show your shoppers you act responsibly and activate them to do so too! Establish an emotional connection with your shoppers by genuinely showing commitment towards sustainability. koziol’s worldwide-known products encourage shoppers to eliminate single-use products and reduce food waste. The range is made from 100% recyclable plastic, making the products robust, ultra-light and unbreakable. In koziol’s development phase, product durability is prioritized above all else. Its products are a unique combination of functionality and emotion: award-winning designs that are fit for daily use.  

Nutribullet®: a true hero item

Encourage shoppers to live more healthily during the loyalty campaign by adding a Nutribullet® blender as a hero item! Power, performance, simplicity are the keywords of America’s best-selling blender brand. NutriBullet® already sold 76Mio blenders since they were founded in 2003. NutriBullet® supports a healthy & vital lifestyle by making nutrition simple, easy, and impactful. 

I am responsible

koziol is made of one of the most sustainable & ecologically friendly food contact materials on the market today. Most post-consumer recycled plastic and all bamboo melamine are not safe according to regulations. 

Koziol - 100% Recyclable

The material is not a compound, contains no additives, and can be recycled via the locally organised plastic waste stream to be reused for new products. Alternative materials, like ceramics or bamboo-melamine, are non-recyclable. The chemical reaction used to create the products cannot be undone. 

Koziol - CO2 Neutral

All products have a 100% CO2 neutral production certification. All CO2 emissions from production are offset through climate protection certificates that preserve the European forests. This compensates CO2 emissions, supports biodiversity, and protects endangered animals and plants.

Koziol - With cellulose

Koziol's products partially consist of fully traceable upcycled wood-based cellulose fibres from the lumber industry. The material is thermoplastic, which is a durable type of plastic, produced in an energy-efficient way.

About koziol

koziol stands for design with a clear conscience - it has been producing its products exclusively in Germany since 1927, under fair and sustainable conditions that benefit both people and the planet. The storage and on-to-go range are exclusively designed for BrandLoyalty’s loyalty campaigns to inspire shoppers to stay mean on green. 

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