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Jamie Oliver - Storage


Consumer insights

A lot of people feel bad about food waste, but don't know what to do with their leftovers. Most of us aren’t creative enough to cook tasty meals from whatever is left in the fridge. In order to change their habits, people need to be reminded, inspired and motivated repeatedly. People see the importance of a freshly cooked meal, but often lack the time and energy to cook a proper meal. They often fall back on fast and unhealthy options instead.


Retailer opportunity

Avoiding food waste is gaining a greater focus among consumers. Retailers also need to focus every day on minimising waste in their stores. This shared interest offers an opening to create a stronger bond with shoppers. Besides sharing knowledge and inspiration, you can serve your shoppers best by offering safe and easy tools that will keep their food and ingredients fresh for as long as possible. Assisted by the world's most famous and best-loved celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, you can count on a lot of happy consumers.

Sometimes all you need is simple and easy 

There are days where you don't have 30 minutes to cook a fresh meal... so with Jamie Oliver we offer multifunctional glass food containers to store, transport and reheat your freshly prepared meals or leftovers.

The durable and BPA-free glass is dishwasher friendly and can be used in the fridge, freezer and microwave. The containers are simple but nicely designed to serve from directly on the table. Getting the most out of food has never been so easy.


About Jamie Oliver

The celebrity chef, respected entrepreneur and food activist Jamie Oliver is on a mission to fight child obesity and reduce food waste. He is a best-selling non-fiction author in the UK, with huge media coverage across the world. Within the Jamie Oliver Foundation, he's successful in making consumers’ lives happier and healthier through food.

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