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Jamie Oliver digitizes Brazil

The first digital program launched at Muffato

Since February, shoppers at Muffato in Brazil can save again for items from Jamie Oliver. After saving for Jamie Oliver knives in 2018, this year members of the retailer's 'ClubeFato' can save and redeem Jamie Oliver cutlery. However, this time the program has been upgraded with digital features!



During this second Jamie Oliver programme shoppers at Muffato can save for the chef's cutlery items. For several years the celebrity chef has inspired people globally to create a happier, healthier world through food and this time Jamie Oliver is reinforcing his mission in Brazil!

Unlike previous loyalty programs at Muffato, this program opportunises shoppers to collect stamps digitally! The digital stamp feature is integrated into the retailer’s app in an attempt to increase digital traffic. Digital stamp savers can still switch to physical saving if they prefer: the app features an option to transfer digital to physical stamps. Shoppers will receive physical stamps automatically the next time a purchase is done in-store. 

Again, BrandLoyalty and Muffato teamed up to teach and enthuse store employees in a 6-hour theoretical and practical training. The training mostly focused on the new digital elements.


About the Muffato Group

The Muffato Group is the fifth largest supermarket chain in Brazil, with 57 stores and more than 13,700 employees. The retailer operates in 19 cities in the state of Paraná and in the city of São Paulo.

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