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Introducing BALLARINI

Strengthening our portfolio with new Italian cookware brand

Introducing BALLARINI

We are happy to launch BALLARINI. Founded 130 years ago this authentic brand has a strong link to Italian traditions. Every single pan comes from the factory in Rivarolo, a little town in the Northern part of Italy.


All BALLARINI products are developed together with chefs in accordance with the latest technologies and innovations. Yearly 12 million pans are sold! In recent years BALLARINI has started to sell in 30 additional countries and is now present in more than 60 markets. The BALLARINI brand is available in Europe, China, Japan, Canada & USA. 


In 1960 Teflon was discovered and BALLARINI started pioneering with this non-stick coating. Ever since the BALLARINI brand is leading in non-stick technology & innovation.

The famous 5-layer non-stick coating allows everyday fun cooking. The layer consists of a primer, a mid-coat, a top-coat, and hardening layers with mineral particles. The frypans are easy to use and extremely scratch-resistant. Which home chef can resist?

The Italian passion for cooking

BALLARINI’s tagline is “CUCINA ITALIANA DAL 1889” which stands for pure Italian zest for life. The brand endorses the fun and joy of cooking and eating with loved ones. For simple, delicious meals prepared every day all over the world!

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