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For many people, family is the most important thing in their lives. However, hectic lifestyles mean that we tend to spend less time with them week-in, week-out. But food has always managed to bring people together. Cooking and eating together is a tradition for many families, especially during the holidays. Recipes that can be prepared in advance are becoming increasingly popular, avoiding last-minute stress and increasing the amount of quality time available to spend on other activities. High-end restaurants are responding to this trend by offering at home meals that just need to be warmed up and garnished.


Retailer opportunities

Encouraging families to spend more time together in the kitchen will make you part of the memories they create. Help your customers enjoy the best classic recipes with the Fontignac ovenware range, the brand that has definitely earned its place in the French food culture. With focus on French cuisine you can offer your shoppers a cultural experience that melds flavourful, nutritious foods with flexible preparation methods and beautiful presentation. Typical French foods rely heavily on local products, therefore running a programme with Fontignac could be the perfect fit if you are looking for ways to boost your local offer.

Quality products for quality time

With a strong heritage of almost 100 years, Fontignac is renowned for its cast-iron products. The ovenware range is used by professional chefs and home cooks alike. 

These days, innovations such as the self-basting system enable healthier cooking, bringing out the best in fresh ingredients. 

Quality products for quality time

About Fontignac

Fontignac originates from the 'Sud-Ouest' region of France. This is the land of picturesque medieval towns with authentic markets where you can taste truffles, cheese and great wines. The natural and healthy ingredients from this region are the foundation for the Fontignac brand. With decades of experience in producing cast iron products, the brand has earned its place in the French food culture. A culture where family and food are the two most important things in life. Fontignac is an accesible brand with timeless design and great quality. Besides the production of cast iron products and ovenware, the portfolio has expanded to other kitchenware categories like cutlery, knives, glassware and flatware.

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