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Fontignac - cookware


Consumer insights

Recent consumer research shows that 60% of shoppers want their retailer to challenge them and help improve their culinary skills. Consumers value local products to prepare appetising meals for friends and family. With a heritage of great success among consumers, our revitalised Fontignac brand is therefore a perfect match and now more relevant than ever.


Retailer opportunities

Challenging shoppers to improve their culinary skills will make you part of the memories they create. Help your customers enjoy the best classic recipes with the Fontignac range, the brand that has definitely earned its place in the French food culture. A focus on French cuisine allows you to offer your shoppers a cultural experience that melds flavourful, nutritious foods with flexible preparation methods and beautiful presentation. Typical French foods heavily rely on local products, therefore running a campaign with Fontignac will help to boost your local offer.

Quality products for quality time

Show your added value with innovative campaigns that connect with shopper's values and bring programme activation to life. From inspiring POS materials like supplier collaborated shelf talkers to in-store cooking demonstrations and exclusive cooking tips in the app, everything will revolve around the loyalty promotion. The packaging is 100% sustainable and has a gastronomic look & feel. The French identity is established by beautiful pen drawings and recipes, inspired by French cuisine.


About Fontignac

Fontignac originates from the 'Sud-Ouest' region of France. This is the land of picturesque medieval towns with authentic markets where you can taste truffles, cheese and great wines. The natural and healthy ingredients from this region are the foundation for the Fontignac brand. With decades of experience in producing cast iron products, the brand has earned its place in the French food culture. A culture where family and food are the two most important things in life. Fontignac is an accesible brand with timeless design and great quality. Besides the production of cast iron products and ovenware, the portfolio has expanded to other kitchenware categories like cutlery, knives, glassware and flatware.

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