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Technological trends in the coming 10-20 years

Engaging with over a 100 million consumers each year

 > 100 million consumers have participated in our programmes
 > 3,000 successfully executed programmes
 > 4.5 million apps installed
 > 239,000 consumer voices heard through surveys & interviews
 > 300 million individual member cards analysed

We are consumer-driven, making lives a little bit happier everyday

Today’s shoppers know what they want. With infinite options offered to them on a daily basis, the power is in their hands, which makes them to continuously raise their expectations.

We keep redesigning our solutions to meet shoppers’ desires, in every step of the way on their path to purchase. Making sure our solutions are relevant, irresistible and engaging.

We love to surprise shoppers with high value rewards, enhancing our offer with digital solutions that will make collecting more fun. 

A small selection of our solutions that tap-in to today's consumers' needs and desires

Blurring the lines between digital and physical

New generations of consumers are calling out for more personal interaction with their favourite brands. We enhance our solutions with games that increase collectability. These games provide fun and education, centred around important themes. We continuously exceed expectations with surprising AR/VR elements that make our programmes come to life.

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March 2021

Kids' insights and the implications for retail

The future of family time is both traditional and digital

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March 2021

by Claudia Mennen

Why retailers should embrace mental health

Today’s adolescents and young adults’ perspective on healthy living goes beyond that of previous generations. Instead of solely focusing on physical health Generation-Z, prioritizes mental health and emotional well-being. 

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Usually I shop at both PXmart and at street markets. But because I want to redeem the Disney cutlery set for my grandson, I now consolidate all my grocery shopping and only shop at PXmart. Participant WMF cutlery programme at PXmart, Taiwan
I used to buy the ready-to-eat salads from Albert Heijn. Very tasty, but the amount of plastic was bothering me. So we decided to participate in the programme, save for reusable salad boxes, and reduce our use of disposable plastic. Participant Royal VKB Healthy-to-go programme at Albert Heijn, The Netherlands