Blockchain principles and loyalty potential

Dive deeper into the potential value of blockchain

Blockchain principles and loyalty potential

Blockchain’s potential for disruption is being discussed across a number of industries, including retail, payments and even loyalty.

The emerging technology’s practical uses, particularly at scale, are still being explored around the globe. Familiarising yourself with the subject and its implications is a good starting point for assessing how it may impact your business. This new report from LoyaltyOne, called Linking Loyalty: Blockchain Principles and Loyalty Potential, provides a 'deep dive' into the basic mechanics and potential value of Blockchain and distributed ledger systems that may soon be a part of your loyalty ecosystem.

You will learn:

  • The basic terminology surrounding blockchain and distributed ledger technology. 
  • A few of the most likely applications of this technology for loyalty programmes.
  • How adjacent businesses have already begun testing this new technology.
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