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Aladdin returns and makes all your wishes come true

Disney releases Aladdin trailer

Once again, Aladdin’s narrative will be told in Disney’s real-life remake of its original 1992 hit.

The success led to two direct-to-video sequels, a television series, a Broadway musical, various rides and themes areas in Disney’s theme parks, video games and merchandise, and more. It is no wonder that real-life remakes of Disney classics will continue with Aladdin, that will be released worldwide in May 2019.

‘’Choose Wisely’’ is the film’s quote and refers to the magic lamp that street boy Aladdin takes from the Cave of Wonders.

The magic lamp contains an all-powerful genie, played by Will Smith, that grants him three wishes. Part of the movie’s original popularity was due to the genie, which was perfectly voiced by the great Robin Williams in 1992. The genie grants Aladdin all his wishes and Aladdin learns to believe in himself. Aladdin unites all ages by its magical adventures.

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