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A sustainable return for Stikeez at Coles

Helping parents to get their kids to eat more nutritiously

Starting this week, the Fresh Stikeez collectibles make their return to Coles' stores, but this time with a more sustainable approach. The promotion includes a state-of-the-art national healthy eating campaign and initiatives to limit the overall effect on the environment. Last time, awareness was over 90% in the first week of the Stikeez Fresh campaign, which bodes well for Coles' current loyalty program.

The Stikeez Fresh Friends promotion features 24 new characters inspired by fresh and veg. Shoppers receive a Stikeez with every $30 spend in one of the 1500 Coles stores nationwide. Unlike last time, the range has expanded into other food groups like dairy, protein and grain. The figurines form part of the 'Coles Fresh 5 Challenge' which encourages kids to eat all the five food groups daily by introducing a 'reward' system. By adding a Stikeez to the corresponding item on a specially-designed free placemat, children can track the food they've tried.

Thanks to the Stikeez characters having the most popular Aussie kid's names such as Abby Avocado, Benji Bread, Chloe Cauliflower and Will Walnut, children can easily remember and relate to the food friends! Next to this, the promotion includes an ultra-rare, golden Abby Avocado that surprises and delights 100 Coles customers with a FREE Smeg fridge full of fresh produce and a $100 Coles gift card. 

Evidence of whether Coles' attempts are paying off is shown in research done by the Australian retailer. Coles' Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson said: “Customers have told us they use Stikeez as a fun tool to encourage kids to eat more types of fresh foods – our research showed that 31% of customers who collected the first Stikeez range increased their purchases of fruit and vegetables and 50% bought a wider variety of fresh produce”. 

Read more about how Stikeez promoted healthy eating and stimulated sales in our case study.

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To limit the environmental impact Coles partnered up with 'Save our Soles' to ensure unwanted Stikeez can be recycled into reusable material. The product is reduced to a 4mm crumb, then mixed with recycled Australian tires to create products like anti-fatigue mats, gym matting, retail flooring, and carpet underlay. Shoppers can return any duplicate, old and spare Stikeez back to Coles supermarket to be recycled. Stikeez are also wrapped in responsibly sourced paper that is fully recyclable. 

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Coles is a leading Australian retailer, with over 2,500 retail outlets nationally. Founded in 1914, Coles makes life easier for Australians by delivering quality, value and service to the 21 million customers who shop there each week.

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