A consumer safari

BrandLoyalty at the Household fair

A <strong>consumer</strong> safari

BrandLoyalty took consumers on a "safari" in February at the 'Huishousbeurs' or Household fair, in Amsterdam. 

The yearly event with more than 330 exhibitors including food retailers and well-known brands sees more than 230,000 shoppers visit over the five days. Many of these being part of the key target audience for the loyalty programmes that BrandLoyalty runs for retailers. Therefore the perfect place to be to meet. speak and conduct research with this audience. 

Collecting consumer insights


During the event, BrandLoyalty had 3 goals; to better understand consumers and their experiences, to collect more consumer insights related to their needs and wishes, and to test our concepts in real life.  

To capture the insights that were gathered an illustrator was on hand to capture the consumer comments live! 




Illustration7_wheel of fortune
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